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Oh the joys of Germany


Gotta love the German females though. They really know how to put on a show. So, what are my darling Mystic Fall-ies up to this evening?

Germany huh? Sounds fun.


Nathaniel Buzolic and Katie Cassidy

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A drunk Stefan makes for good entertainment. Let the man drink. Though I would actually like to hang out with him when he’s sober and not asleep on my couch.

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I learned that, yes, but I’m stubborn so I fell in love again.. And it hurt me. Again. So that’s it for me. No more love. You’re right. Fun is much

am pretty awesome. Mystic Falls is 89% supernatural, but it’s probably the worst decision. It sucks here. 

Yeah… I’ve gathered that it’s most of the time very boring here, and sometimes chaotic. I’m liking it so far though, I suppose.

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That, my friend, is the truest thing I’ve ever heard. Love just downright sucks.

Sorry about William. Complete ass. 1960’s, huh? Flower child. Nice. Well at least you’re not alone now. You’ve got friends, like me. I’m an awesome friend. Wait, so what brought you to Mystic?

Indeed it does. It looks like we both had to learn that early on. Just having fun is better anyway though.

Haha, yes. I was quite the flower child. So glad I don’t have any pictures around from those days. Well that’s good to know, Stefan. You do seem pretty awesome. What brought me to Mystic Falls? Well, I had heard rumors about there being vampires, wolves and the like here. So I packed up my few things and headed to Virgina. Still not sure if it was the best decision, considering how lame it is sometimes.

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I was being sarcastic, but whatever. I’m just happy to see you made it without getting hit by a car or something.

Ah, yeah. How about…

That’s…. quite a story. I think I’ve talked to Rebekah a view times. I’m sorry about Katherine/Rebekah/Damon/Elena, or whatever. Love is an overrated bitch and a waste of time.

My turn… well, let’s see. I died when I was 17 as well, in 1966. So, I’m kind of a baby vampire, but that doesn’t make me any less strong than any other vampire. I fell in love with a guy named William, or at least I thought I was in love with him. After I turned I found out he had only been compelling my feelings. We dated for a couple of months, and then we got engaged. Then on our wedding day he forced me to drink from him and then he killed me. I fled and I’ve been alone ever since, until I came here to Mystic.

I’m bored.


What do you people see in this town again?

Hi, I’m Lexi. It’s nice to meet you.

Well you live here too, don’t you? So I suppose we’re all in the same boat.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lexi. I’m Abigail.

I’m bored.


If I wasn’t bored I would think something was wrong. Boredom is kind of like Mystic Fall’s trademark.